Disease Interception

Technology-enabled disease interception: new opportunities for early identification of atypical Parkinsonian syndromes

Linus Jönsson, Lars Raket, Gabrielle Åhlberg Hillert



  1. J Jaskolowski et al. Dynamic ElecTronic hEalth reCord deTection (DETECT) of individuals at risk of a first-episode of psychosis: case-control development and validation stud. Manuscript submitted for publication
  2. Hansson, O., Janelidze, S., Hall, S., Magdalinou, N., Lees, A. J., Andreasson, U., … & Zetterberg, H. (2017). Blood-based NfL: A biomarker for differential diagnosis of parkinsonian disorder. Neurology, 88(10), 930-937.
  3. Khalil, M., Teunissen, C. E., Otto, M., Piehl, F., Sormani, M. P., Gattringer, T., … & Petzold, A. (2018). Neurofilaments as biomarkers in neurological disorders. Nature Reviews Neurology, 14(10), 577-589.
  4. Olsen, N. L., Markussen, B., & Raket, L. L. (2018). Simultaneous inference for misaligned multivariate functional data. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics), 67(5), 1147-1176.

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